five minute sketch, #?

by essayan hart

my hands start to shake, moments before you arrive
i listen to the same damn songs everyday
while i have spent hours staring at your face, i believe we have only made eye contact
real eye contact


after which you said
“i know you”

and i melted

there are stains all over my apartment
it is obvious that it took several tries
for me to get dressed
but to know this
you would have to open the drawers
and find everything unfolded

you will be here any moment
last night i slipped again
watched you grow afraid again
felt you step into yourself today
and almost disappear

you are cooking me dinner
and i know that we will be awkward
until the subject of fear comes up
you will pretend you are withdrawn from the day
when we both know you were swimming in your songs again

eventually you will pick up your guitar, or mine
and tell me that you feel safe