by essayan hart

last night you slipped into my life, irrevocably. no matter what happens next, you will leave a stain. its not the storm of your brown eyes following my movements. i have been admired before. it is the thin blue line erupting between us. your ability to enter where my words begin. this terrifies both of us.

you see me now as i see myself. someone both ancient and ordinary, straddling worlds.  you stepped out to steady me there, and the entire landscape shifted.  now where there were doors, there are hands. where there were limitations, there is a precipice.  i am loving you when we sing together. i am fucking you when i lay my voice against yours.

from the bed to the piano, a dangerous symphony, no matter where we stand we are slipping deeper. i tread gravity. i somersault and float.

you fuck me like a scientist one minute, turning me over in your hands. the next minute we are two birds bargaining for the same breath.  i am holding your ribcage together with my hands. mine is re-imagining itself; a black and white photograph of a blackbird.

i havent sung this deeply in awhile. i walk tightropes with my words. you threaten thunderstorms, in a glance. i am at your mercy.