by essayan hart

Make me hollow, and fill me with paint
Teach me your rage in wall eyed dominance
In darkness… I want you to know my secrets
To push me into the deeper well, where the sounds escaping
Are more animal than human
Then I want you to tell me to shut up
My shattering divide, held tight, generates an impenetrable distance
I want you to strike and withhold
To leave me lingering and cold
To empty my body with
More than an ounce of cruelty

I want black gloves, and objectification
Rope so tight that I fly inward to meet my own shadows
I want you to leave me there
Bound but not held
In a stillness beyond earth, and beyond prayer
I want you to forget me in the morning
Make your coffee
Bury my unfamiliar scent, in the earth and grime of your daily routines

I skip. I dance, and collect my reasons
I paint my life the colors of twilight, autumn, and fire
I forget about you in the morning
make my coffee
Notice your unfamiliar scent
And my tender bruises

I put on a careless perfume
I half dress and wander
collect the universe
that might stain your greedy palms