by essayan hart

i have a suggestion,

sing two octaves down
and i
will take off my pants
and shake it

turn on the moon, the vhs
we’re kicking it old school

we’ll tap dance
when delila plays celine dion

turn heads when
weve got our day glo on

someone owns this shade of red
someone owns this texture
im sure
by now

they’ll try to pin the whole world down
but you and i
and that kid over there
he doesnt know it yet

but were gonna dance, dance revolution

no patent
on my wide curves
no sale
on the things weve learned
theyve got butterfly nets
but we
scorpion bat banana and shapeshift
through the widening cracks

well make the sidewalks
our business cards
empower every preacher
on the path of love
fuck shameless
in the backseat
with the windows down
on a sunday

were gonna turn heads
no i mean really
turn heads
beating ecstatic joy
into the moon eaten sky
this is business

you and  i
will be the bonnie and clyde
of unacceptable joy
well have to cross

i came home so happy tonight i took of my pants
before i took off my motorcycle helmet
pulling out my most regal garment

it must be that time again

howl spit and sing…
we’re remembering
there was that divine invitation
the drunken celebration
someone’s sacred lover laughing
mine too!
when we folded the damn thing
paper airplane style
left it circling

saturn, was it?
doesn’t matter
i’ve got it

were going home
no matter where we lay our feet
in the meantime
there are stars to eat
gods every bone
and eyes for the witnessing


back to stalking the sacred prey
back to the business of love
we’ve got strangers to serenade
empires to undermine
three misshapen meals to eat

we’ve gotta sleep
wake the dreaming beast songs too
they want dragons?
we’ll give em’ dragons!
true: anyone can raise heaven like us
find me the one who does

i just really, really want to wrestle god
i really want to hold her heart
out of my chest

lets just keep this simple:
if you’re looking for sanity
remember it’s colors are electric
if you want the great grey sleep
trust me, the forgetting is
impossibly easy

we get windows.
lets break some,
you and me.